Recording dreams

Even dreams are not going to be personal!

The moment inside a dinosaur’s mouth! A fall from a cliff! Or becoming a world famous personality! Yes, of course, all of us dream of great things, indeed!  But, do these fun or thrilling moments last long? Alas! Most of us tend to forget it as quickly as we live in those moments. A research was conducted to differentiate high dream and low dream recallers using PET scan and various brain activities were noted. Even in the Lucid dreaming state, people tend to forget their dreams.

One interesting note was that, the great Mathematician Ramanujam used to derive mathematical formulae in his dreams and used to record them in a note near his bed. But still, many of his formulae have not even been proved till date. Dreams have that great power of going deep into your skill sets. To all those dreamers, Japanese scientists have brought up a great technology to record your dreams. Seems like the Avatar film is coming true!

The idea is very simple- whenever our brain thinks of any object, it creates a neural pattern. So these patterns can be connected together by an algorithm to record our dreams. Lets know a little about the recording methods. People were told to put on EEG(electroencephalogram) electrodes and sleep on a fMRI machine. The EEG signal shows whether the subject is dreaming or not. Then the MRI scans the neural patterns and dreams are reconstructed by the algorithm.

Developing the algorithm in a better way can enhance the recording qualities.

– Pandipriya