First mile to K!18

A few days back, we embarked on our first Battle of Bots journey. You may wonder what is Battle of Bots. It is a Nationwide Robotics Championship, conducted all through the year in various top notch colleges across India. This year, we began our triumph with National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, Surathkal.

On the evening of October 7th, we boarded our calm, cozy Mangalore Express train, which was delayed by 1.5 hours. Fortunately for us, the train was so fast that we caught up the lost time and made it to Mangalore with just a little delay. Bargaining with the auto driver and cab drivers in Tamil when they understood only Kannada took a toll on us too. Mixing up words like “Kal Hona ho” and “Kuch kuch hota hai” wouldn’t bring the rate down to anything lesser than 600 bucks. Subsequently, we decided to take a bus to Surathkal.

On reaching the college, we got the initial requirements ready and were waiting for the participants to arrive until 11 AM, which was when the event was scheduled to start. To our dismay, not a single soul turned up. We were extremely disappointed and started analyzing why there wasn’t any turnout. Only then we realized that there was a hall change from what we had put in our posters and what we got when we actually went to the college. We were extremely exhilarated when we went to the other hall and found 11 teams of students waiting for our event to start. We immediately brought the students to the hall allotted to us, and started the event. We gave an introduction about CEG, Kurukshetra and XCEED, after which the first round commenced. This preliminary pen and paper round finished with three teams qualifying for the second round. In this round, components were provided to the teams and a line tracing obstacle detector bot was the problem statement to be solved. We got a tie in the second round, with two teams completing equal number of turns in the problem statement.

We finally decided the winner based on the time taken by the bot to complete the turns of the track. The event was completed, with merchandise being given to the participants and the venue partner. One eager student, who was a Kannadika guy, doubtfully enquired,  “Are you the juniors of our star Nagarajuna?” We replied with pride, ”Yes. and there are lot more to add to that list”.

The college has its own private beach, which caught our eye. We went there to relax ourselves. Memories were made, watching the slow disappearance of the sun into the golden clouds. We were marveling at the sight of the sunset, after travelling alone and conducting technical events to a diverse set of students, 550 miles away from home. When we look back, it is “CEG” which has transformed us. This moment might not seem appreciable to many, but it’s a great feat for the team with a backing of plenty, back at home, in CEG. Yes, it was a perfect end to our NITK journey.

Travelling truly adds value to our lives, but travelling with a goal adds meaning to our lives. We, the XCEED team of Kurukshetra, have our goal to brand CEG and Kurukshetra throughout India. We feel we have done it in our debut event in NITK and we hope to do so in other colleges all over India by eXceeding expectations. Stay tuned..

–  Team Xceed