Sgnl – Make phone calls with your fingertip

Living in a generation where technology plays a major role, one of them seems to be gathering a lot of attention. This technology has been rated #1 by many tech bloggers online. It is none other than Sgnl, a new watch band currently raising funds on Kickstarter. It is a new watch strap that helps you attend calls by transmitting audio through your finger. Simply place your fingertip to your ear, when you speak through the embedded microphone.

With Sgnl, you can keep your cell phone in your pocket and simply raise your hand to answer a phone call. When you place your finger to your ear, your finger not only transmits the sound, but also blocks out background noise. So you can hear clearly even when you are surrounded by loud noises, without worrying about other people listening to your conversation.

Wondering how this is possible?  Well, here’s how it works. Sgnl receives voice signal from your phone through Bluetooth. When the signal is received, Sgnl will generate vibration through its Body Conduction Unit (BCU), which will then transmit the vibration through your hand to your fingertip. As transmission is made through vibrations, there is no risk or harm to the human body. These vibration echoes will amplify sound within the closed space in your ear.

CEO Hyunchul Choi developed Sgnl when heard that his colleague was embarrassed by the fact that everyone around him could hear the conversation, when he made calls using his smart watch and thought that, as the number of smart watch users increases, they will all face the same problem. From there, CEO Choi began to wonder and finally came up with the idea of using one’s finger to transmit sound. He immediately proposed the idea to Samsung’s internal corporate venture department and thus, Sgnl was born.

Furthermore Sgnl guarantees sound without any distortion. This straps help you listen in privacy with excellent quality and removes the worry of having your earphones or picking your phone from another room to answer calls. Sgnl also has an application that allows you to keep track of your calls, activity and your schedule. It alerts you for different tasks with personalizable notification patterns.

Even though it seems like an amazing feature, some reviewers believe that it might be a totally unnecessary feature, and could be used only as a party trick. It would be more useful, if it is an inbuilt feature in a smartphone. With mixed reviews, both good and bad ones, Sgnl has still grossed up a good profit.

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