The God Particle

You may be wondering what this God particle is all about. It is an elementary particle, one of the types of two fundamental classes of particles, the other being Fermions. The God Particle, basically known as The Higgs Boson particle, comes under the Boson class. It was first suspected to exist in the 1960’s. It was then on July 4,2012, that the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN announced a new particle with a mass of 126 GeV. The particle announced by CERN behaved , interacted and decayed as per the prediction for Higgs particles by the Standard Model. It is the first elementary scalar particle discovered in nature, which implies that its spin is zero. This particle is named after Peter Higgs, one of the six physicists who proposed the Higgs Mechanism. The Higgs mechanism explains the generation mechanism of mass for bosons. Without mass, there is no Higgs particle. Two of the physicists, Peter Higgs and Francois Englert were awarded the Nobel Prize in the year 2014 .

The Higgs Boson particle comes under the Standard Model. It explains the properties and forces between elementary particles. The Higgs Mechanism deals with the Higgs Field, Higgs Boson and analogies describing the Higgs Field and Higgs Boson. The Higgs Field is an energy field that is thought to exist everywhere in the universe. It is accompanied by a fundamental particle called Higgs Boson, which the field uses to interact with the particles. The absence of Higgs field implies that the particles would not have the mass required to attract one another. The process of giving mass to a particle is known as Higgs effect .

The existence of Higgs Boson was confirmed by March 2013 .

“That name was a kind of joke, and not a very good one. An author, Leon Lederman, wanted to call it ‘that goddamn particle’ because it was clear it was going to be a tough job finding it experimentally. His editor wouldn’t have that, and he said ‘okay, call it the God particle’, and the editor accepted it. I don’t think he should’ve have done, because it’s so misleading.”


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