GST – Game of Taxes

This is the tax reform that shook the Indian Economy with its timely implementation and terrorized unsuspecting tax evaders. As our ‘King in the North’, quite literally here, Modi ji made sure that the country feels ‘Valar Dohaeris’ with respect to paying your taxes.

All degrading references here are applicable to tax felons and tax felons only.

The reform is simplistic in concept. Minimising the cascading effect of various taxes applied to goods and services and channelling them under a single umbrella, the GST is split into two – The Central GST and State GST. The nullification of indirect taxes such as VAT, Service tax and Luxury is attributed to this scheme wherein the consumption tax is added at the final point instead of all along the way.

A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of the sheep and such sheep, screaming out against the terror of their forthcoming winter, have no option but to accept that they can’t shield themselves behind the Nights Watch anymore. Ensuring a corruption free regime like Tywin would have, to hold his falling fortress; this is yet another transparent and successful strategy devised by our not so Lannister-ish government. They do always pay their debts, yeah. They were a winning power, yeah. But were they utterly fair and impartial? No. They needed a GST sort of unity and transparency.

Apart from all said advantages, the bill also carries along with it a split in manufacturing and service taxes and reduction in costs of several commodities such as television, select automobiles, dinning in and a couple others.

What we have against the transformation is a spike in tuition fees, health care, mobile bills and sadly aerated drinks too.

A major concern was and still is, is the teething problem that a nation as large as Westeros would face.  You cannot guarantee a Tyrion Lannister level of adaptability in every citizen across the sub-continent.

Little finger knew well enough that Chaos was no pit but a ladder and Jon Snow is now slowly learning.

A gentle reminder to those trying to bring our economy down, The great war is here.

This is CEG TechForum wishing the world a Happy Game of Thrones weekend and not to subtly taking pride at the accelerating affluence of our country.

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